IAV Drehteile GmbH

Langer Brauck 22
D-58640 Iserlohn

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E-Mail: info@iav-drehteile.de

We process stainless steel to perfection.

Obviously, quality is crucial to all manufactures and the key to effective production.

We attach the greatest importance to this.

As our products are used in a wide range of industries worldwide, it is particularly important to take into account the qualitative requirements of the future area of application and to implement them during production.

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Through a comprehensive check right at the beginning of your enquiry, we can plan the realisation of the production project in detail.

Via a certified quality system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2015 we ensure from the offer until dispatch that the manufactured parts fully meet the customers' requirements. Continuous intermediate checks certify the standard in every manufacturing process.

After completion, your order will be securely packed and shipped.


Top test equipment in the turnery.

Our extensive test equipment allows us to meet almost all requirements:

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All manufacturing processes are monitored by a computer-driven control system, which goes far beyond the normal PPS. All workstations are equipped with partially automatic measuring devices.

A high investment in training and a continuously tested production strategy ensures that we maintain and improve the quality standards we daily claim.


Client projects are our daily business.

At IAV, we always make sure that all of our client's project goals are met.

Because: The clearer the goals are for everyone involved, the more focused and productive we can work.

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