IAV Drehteile GmbH

Langer Brauck 22
D-58640 Iserlohn

Phone: +49 (0) 23 71 94 86 -0
Fax: +49 (0) 23 71 94 86 -86
E-Mail: info@iav-drehteile.de

The central point of production: The stainless steel machining.

We produce spindles and turned parts in stainless steel in accordance with DIN and other standards such as ASTM, AFNOR, BS and SUS. We process special materials such as Monel, Hastelloy or Inconel - also titanium.

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Economical production through upsetting and drop forging.

Due to our ability to purchase high quality tight tolerance bar materials coupled with our expertise in the creation of upset and drop forged shapes, we are able to maximize the cost-benefit ratio. Our upsetting and drop forging operations offer the best processing conditions and guarantee the highest quality of the products.

Modern and multiple CNC processing centres guarantee a consistent production according to the highest quality standards.


Thread whirling.

Besides having turning skills, we drill and mill on high-performance centres. Threads are manufactured using insertion or continuous rollers. This applies to metric designs, Trapeziodal, ACME, Whitworth, UNC in single or multi-start threads.

The machines are also embedded in an integrated system. Apart from the production of threads, our special machines allow precise drilling and milling.

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A clean finish: Polishing and burnishing.

Surface qualities of Ra = 0.1 are achieved due to roller burnishing. Stems are automatically straightened both before and after machining.

By polishing and burnishing, we create a perfect end product. Depending on the requirement profile, wear resistance is achieved by hardening or by the plasma welding.

Our turned parts get their final finish in our in-house washing line.

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